Raven’s Bridge

Related image**Audio recording here**

I close my eyes and find the light. Pushing all thoughts which might collide. Becoming one with the calm I know exists inside. I light a candle and feel the flame. Warmth spreads from my hands out and licks the back of my brain.

I let the thoughts flow freely now. On to the next realm, they take a bow. Floating on the petals of seedlings, sending words to other worlds with all of my feelings.

I listen for the croak from my narrative folk. For the flap of coal wings. He comes and shares secrets, a wisdom only he knows. A tale which soothes the heart and frightens off foes. It strengthens perception and reminds me to forgive deception. I am not alone.

I have sung all there is to be said. I have taken heed. I hold the light close and am ready to be freed. Setting loose all my worries, I wipe any tears. I am free again, to let things be. To cross the bridge, the raven and me.

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