New Moon

Image result for thunder storm**Click here for audio**

Thunder claps down around me and the rains have started. With all the fires, I only hope the storm carries south and offers a reprieve to scorched earth. For now, I sit at my desk and watch the rain come down. I intended to watch the meteor shower tonight but I suppose Mother Nature has her own plans. I love the sound of thunder. I hear it so rarely. I imagine at some point the lightning will start and the real show will begin. Maybe like this picture. One can only hope.

IMG_1742.jpgThe internet is down right now and when this happens I hear my life narrated by zefrank1, aka Sad Cat Diaries. I suppose when you consume this, dear reader it will have gone back up and my life will go back to being narrated by Wil Wheaton circa Ready Player One level enthusiasm.

Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for life to take me by surprise. Offer up the goods on something new and exciting. Only when it does, I’m so completely and utterly thrown by it that I struggle to function on normal levels. Especially when it’s something good. I’m pretty sure I shampooed my hair twice this morning just by feeling mentally distracted. In fact, combine that with the weather and my hair is a right mess today. There’s no saving it. I’ve tried and given up. On the plus side, I don’t particularly care anymore. It usually does what it wants and beat me into submission years ago. I fight back once in a while and cut it off. Then it’s all, “Really is that all you’ve got?” And proceeds to learn ninja-like skills at outsmarting the goop I ply it with daily.

My sister’s fiance was in the hospital the other day. He’s been in and out the past few days while the doctors try to find what’s wrong with him. His father had a number of neurological issues and they’re scared it might be a genentic trait passed down to him. It’s made me think a lot about how important it is to tell the people you care about in life how special they are to you. Or show them through your actions.

I really try to do this every day. In little ways and in big ones. I think it’s paramount to tell the people in your life how much you care about them. I think maybe we don’t hear it enough as humans. A couple of years ago I received a hug from someone and it felt so weird, that it took me a moment or ten to melt into it. I hadn’t touched another human in a week or two easy. How odd is that? Human touch is so critical and I’d managed to go that long without coming into contact with another person. I think sometimes it’s easy to take advantage of the assumption that friendships and family will always be there. But it’s not true, they won’t. I don’t like to dwell on this fact. It’s far too depressing. But a good reminder of our mortality either way.

IMG_1743The smell of warm rain has made its way into my bedroom through the open window. There are baby kitties sleeping on my bed. And to top it all off, there’s a new moon tonight. The new moon in Leo has a lot of passion and energy. It’s about taking control of one’s life and doing more then we thought we could. Acting on what we really want in life. Pushing out of the comfort zone. Because if you stay in that little bubble, then you’ll never know what would happen outside of it. You might never experience things that could bring color to an otherwise black and white world. Maybe you wouldn’t even know it was black and white, to begin with. Embrace the bravery and confidence this moon brings. I know I’m going to. Even if I can’t watch the stars tonight, I have every intention of making the most of my evening.


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