National Left-hander’s Day

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Today is national left-hander’s day. And I, dear reader, have a left-handers story to tell. Most people don’t know this about me, I was born left-handed. I was a lefty until my family moved to Washington when I was in the middle of first grade.

How is that possible? Oh… let me tell you all about it. So I have one of those crazy, over the top superstitious grandparents who thought it was, and I quote “EVIL” to use my left as my dominant hand. How fucking crazy is that?!

I was born a lefty and I learned to write left-handed, draw, eat, and whatever the heck else you do at the age of six. And then I had to learn it all over. My parents both worked a LOT and this left crazy grandparent to dictate my penmanship habits. For the record, I have the worst handwriting imaginable and I blame this moment in my life for it. It’s probably just me but we don’t have to talk about that.

Hello, my name is Miranda and I’m a right-handed convert. I still do a lot of things left-handed though. In fact, I’m often asked by people if I’m a lefty and they just never noticed. Becuase I have no concept of what is “normal” for a right-handed person, I always ask for clarification. I guess I don’t have too but I am legitimately curious.

It’s a lot of little weird things. Like my driving hand, how I cut things, or open things, or do my hair… I never think about it until someone says something. In middle school, I used to bowl left-handed. I had to relearn right handed bowling as an adult. I guess I could have stuck out the whole lefty thing but someone made me self-conscious about it and it’s dumb. Meh, life. In college, I once took a figure drawing class and then I took it again left handed as a challenge. I now paint and draw, especially weird angles etc., with both hands comfortably.

I’m endlessly curious about the 10% of the population who are left-handed. I was reading a science article today about being born a lefty. What I thought was interesting is the theory that most of the population is right-handed for the cooperation of the species. Advancement of the human race or some shit. This made me laugh out loud. I’ve always sort of ran against the crowd so to speak and this statement only fuels the fire that is my inner adolescent rebel.

So yay for days like today, where we celebrate being evil together.

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