Worm Art

There are days when I’m super productive in the summer, getting all the stuff done, folding the laundry, writing all the awesome, running the errands, and doing all the adult things on the ever-growing to-do list. And then there are days where I spend an hour trying to decide if art made by worms is a real thing. Today was the later. No automatic alt text available.

I still don’t know if worm art is real… except I watched a video today where someone used non-toxic paint and let worms create a painting. It looked pretty dang cool and got me excited at the prospect of either making or buying or at least having a screensaver that is art made by worms. I don’t know why this excites me but it does. I can’t help it. Sometimes you just have to embrace the odd.


I used to paint a lot. I’d spend hours and hours on one project after the next. I painted a lot of canvas, a mural in a video game store once upon a time, a handful of commissioned pieces, but mostly just whatever I saw which was beautiful. At some point in the last handful of years, it fell by the wayside. I guess when push came to shove I chose to make No automatic alt text available.writing a career and art got left behind. I still love painting and once in a blue moon I pick up some sort of small side project. Usually something someone asks me to create. My aunt got married this past April and I painted these little gnomes for the top of her wedding cake.

I have this fantasy of finding some beautiful landscape or ocean painting in like a thrift store and then adding something fantastically geeky to it. Like the Kraken, a fountain of Tribbles, or C3PO. Painting rocks have become a whole thing in my community. I feel like it’s this new secret art trend. I’ve considered trying this but I’m so used to working on large scales, the only time I’ve sat with a rock I felt super intimidated by the small size. No automatic alt text available.

I actually own a drawing monitor, where I have the ability to create digital art. At one point in time, I thought it would be pretty amazing to go digital in just about every aspect of my life. While I still love this idea and want to explore it more, there is something about getting messy with paint which still calls to me.

Now, I find myself coloring while I listen to an audiobook or watch a movie. Of course, this is mostly in the winter. I don’t know why coloring isn’t a summer thing. Maybe because in the summer, there are usually a hundred other things going on. Or maybe I’m just weird and associate coloring with cold weather like I do hot-cocoa and livingroom blankets. It’s not the same as painting. Not even close. But it is cleaner, takes up far less space, more affordable, and comes in a variety of truly nerdtastic books. Also, you caught that last word, right? Books. Just sayin’.

Until next time, I leave you with three of my… ummmm… I’m not going to call them masterpieces. They really are quite old and riddle with things I’d change. But I enjoy them and they are three of my favorites.



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