Dead Trees Give No Shelter


From the beginning of this novelette, DEAD TREES GIVE NO SHELTER, darkness, twisty feelings, and a heart gripping story unfolds. A little taste of horror from one of my favorite people, Wil Wheaton, author, and narrator.

Jay Turner watches the execution of the man arrested for the murder of his little brother. He’s been drifting through life, unhappy, haunted, and drunk, since Charlie’s murder. After twenty years, Jay goes back to his hometown in an attempt to learn and make peace with the truth of Charlie’s death.

All I have to say is woah… like the ending hit me incredibly hard. It was crafted in such a delicate and unexpected way. Tightness pulled at my throat and tears prick my eyes and then I let out a stream of expletives. I can’t even. Let’s just say I didn’t see the ending coming. The whole story is a haunting emotional rollercoaster. Well done Wil, well done.





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