“Love is diving into someone else’s confusion and finding it all makes sense.”

img_2189There is something about Atticus that sings to my soul. I’ve followed the account on Instagram for some time. My phone is filled with screenshots, filled with poetry, filled with love and life. Sometimes I just want the reminder that other people feel the world intensely too.

“I promise to live a life so rich in love that at the end I will  not be shy of death.”

I think more than anything, Atticus is fodder for a YA heart. It’s a bit anxiety at times, img_2180painfully beautiful at others. I think one of the reasons Atticus grabs the attention of so many people, is there a certain amount of failure to it. A certain amount of relatability. We have all faced the human condition called love.

“Love could be labeled poison and we’d drink it anyway.”

img_2185I definitely think that Atticus hit the mark with LOVE HER WILD. It’s romantic, and everything you hope another person thinks or says about you. Someone who observes life and people and digests it in the form of poetry. DARK BETWEEN THE STARS had fewer loves but still had quite a few of my favorites making it ultimately worth the read. I’m glad I finally got around to reading this pair of books. They’ve been a long time coming. img_3911

“She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of flying.”

Let your guard down, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy. There is little to be disappointed by when you read with your heart.

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