On Drama

Yesterday I wrote a lot of words out of anger and hurt. I would write them and then delete them. I’d write a new version then text a friend. I’d delete them. Write fresh, text, close the window. Open it again later, delete them. I deleted Facebook from my phone again too. So I’ve had account accesses on my phone for exactly 2 months in 4 years. It’s for the better. Facebook wasn’t where the anger came from but I wanted to write or delete or say things I might regret later. And I am better than that.

I’m way better than that.  Image result for drama quotes

Plus I don’t need the distraction in my everyday life. We all know social media can be a distraction.

So I screamed in my kitchen, something I’ve always reserved for driving, and poured a drink. Not that booze is the answer, but it was what I wanted and I’m a damned adult.

But what made you angry Miranda?

Image result for drama quotesHa! Considering I spent a fair amount of time yesterday trying to sort it into words and only found myself failing, maybe I let it go. Or I try. Because sometimes people fail us. Sometimes the choices we make have bigger ramifications than that moment. Decisions made months ago, by someone else, affect my life today. And it sucks. Someone tried to drag me into their personal drama and tear me down as a person to make themselves feel better. I brushed this off and tried to let it go. It was false and thus it shouldn’t matter. Only it just occurred to me yesterday how much it sucks. If I had less integrity or less self-awareness it really might not matter. If I never gave a shit what people thought of me, I could maneuver life a bit easier. Maybe I need to work on not caring so much. Only I do care what the people in my life think, and I try to live my life with integrity. When that is challenged, it hurts on a personal level.

I spend my life hyperaware of others and how my actions affect those around me, my Image result for drama quoteslife, and the world as a whole. I once lost a can out my window and it still haunts me. Actual guilt for not pulling over and retrieving it. I believe that we’re all dealt a hand of cards, so to speak, and what we do with the cards we’re dealt, makes us the people we are. I’ve got some shit cards. But I could take those and let them turn me into a bad person because life sucks so fuck it all. People have been shit to me so why should I care if I’m shit to them? Or I could grow the fuck up and live my life the way I want to be treated. Be the best version of me. I know what it’s like to be treated poorly and I don’t ever want to make someone else feel that low.

Related imageI love seeing people smile. It takes such little effort to turn someones day around. Something as small as a compliment can change someone’s whole day. I love writing postcards to my friends (and total strangers if I’m being honest). Especially the ones I don’t see often. I mail out a couple each week. I don’t ever expect anything in return. I do it because once upon a time someone mailed one to me and that small gesture, made all the difference in my life that day. About 7 years ago, a lot of people came together to make my life a lot easier. To help me with something I couldn’t do alone and it truly changed my life. I’m in utter awe of their kindness to this day. So if my actions, affect other people, and they usually do, I like to be aware of it. I consider it part of my duty as a human being to repay the kindness others show me threefold. Not because they do, but because it’s right.

It just blows hard when others don’t use even a fraction of the consideration for those f2a86d3af3e8719cb928344db3a611b6--heartache-quotes-lets-goaround them. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m fucking far from it. But I do my best. I figure that’s got to count for something. It was days like yesterday that remind me how much people on a whole frustrate me. Because generally speaking, people come with drama. I don’t like drama in my life. I just want to enjoy life. I want to share that enjoyment with those close to me and I’d like to let the drama fall into the background. It should not be the center or even a hardly a factor in life. Unfortunately, drama can’t always be avoided. Especially when other humans are part of your life. So I breathe it out. Okay… fine. Once in a blue moon when the frustration builds and I find the drama affecting me directly, I scream in my kitchen and angry write, then I breathe it out and move the fuck on. Because life is short and drama is dumb.

This is all the energy I’m allowing for it. Enough to processes, write, and let it go.

3 thoughts on “On Drama

  1. I can relate to all of this so so much! I am a sensitive soul and everything is taken personal to me. That is a double edged sword. It’s beautiful because it allows you to be very empathic and aware of all of your surroundings and horrible for exactly the same reason. People can be total assholes. What I have learned mostly from life is that I must not take it personally- even if it is. Because most of the time people don’t know how or why they do what they do. They are living in survival mode, unaware of how their actions hurt others. I have also learned that cutting toxic people out of my life or inner circle is ok. But I am almost 40 and just recently kind of figured this shit out. I used to wear or carry black obsidian to shield myself from negativity. Not sure if that really worked but, hey, didn’t hurt and I didn’t murder anyone. Know that you are not alone. We all have those screaming in the kitchen moments. But for every asshat I have encountered the people that love and lift me up no matter what are present 100 fold. Lastly, what I would say to any girlfriend being bullied- who’s ass do I need to kick?

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    1. Thank you! For real, it was all a bit out of left field and dumb. So freaking dumb. I’ve decided it’s best not to have the reason for this, in my life right now. It’s clear it’s not healthy for my own well being. Which sucks but logically I know it’s for the best. The kicker is, it was all done out of selfishness but not done to hurt me. I recognize that and thought I could move through it. I thought they could too but I guess not. Alas, it’s probably better I let it all behind me. Thank you for always being so supportive. I’ll point them out next time they come round 😉

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