Class of 2020

This week the news dropped that Washington State schools will be canceling the return to classrooms for the remainder of the year. In most cases, students will finish out the year through various online classroom adaptations. This year’s class of 2020 will be the ones that miss out.

My heart is sad for all of my former students who are seniors this year. They are missing out on all of the celebrations leading up that final walk across the stage in front of their family and friends. It’s a parade of events that they have worked hard for and rightfully earned. They don’t know it but, I was looking forward to seeing them in June nearly as much as they were looking forward to the festivities. I already arranged to go to their graduation. Some of my favorite students from my old school should be walking the stage this year. I was going to make them cards and buy flowers and make a really big deal of it. These are some of the kids young adults who reminded me of why I loved teaching. They inspired me to take a chance on moving to the city and tackle teaching one more year.

My dearest class of 2020, change is hard. It’s okay to be sad and disappointed. It’s okay to wallow in the loss. But here’s the thing… One day, you will have a story to tell in future years, that no one else will come close to. Eventually, you’ll look back with a smile, and this one disappointment won’t take away the friendships and memories you’ve made.

I promise.

I don’t know when the world will right itself but when it does, let’s get coffee and we’ll take some crazy post-pandemic class of 2020 pictures. We’ll even be able to come within six feet of each other.

I look forward to this day.

It’s one of the lights at the end of this crazy train.


One thought on “Class of 2020

  1. This is very heart-felt. My niece and nephew, as well as my best friend’s eldest son are graduating this year, and I know they, too, are really disappointed. And it’s difficult to convey “health over memories”, right? But this, too, shall pass. And it will make the times we get together even more memorable. Best wishes to you and your students.

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