What It Is You Feel

I talk a big game
And I am trying to heal
I want to know
What it is you feel

I miss you in the morning
And when I close my eyes
I miss you when I want to laugh
And when I want to cry

You never told me
Not a single time
Feelings always scared you
So you cut and run just fucking sublime

Once the words Love You
Slipped past your tongue
You surprised yourself and me
And yet you still run

Why do I get pushed aside
Why am I forgotten
I don’t want to feel this way
It’s pretty fucking rotten

I can’t stand by and wait forever
You never asked me to
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping
But all of this falls to you

Life is short and I’m so tired
I thought it was figured out
I suppose that’s just naivete
Because that’s not what you were about

I want to share the happy moments
I want to be your friend
I think you’d always make me wonder
About what and if and when

I need to let you go
Instead of waiting by the phone
I need to move on and let it be
Instead of hoping on my own

The cards, she called it in the beginning
And when it fell apart
The cards, she calls the bad undone
Or says my willful broken heart

I talk a big game
And I am trying my best to heal
I still want to know
What it is you feel

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