Living Color Tarot pt.2

Launching this project has been, simply put… amazing. Every free moment I have, I spend drawing art for my next project, reading tarot online, or creating the next steps to my five year plan. I’m exhausted every day and I haven’t been this thrilled in ages. Truly, it feels so wonderful. I wanted to show off some of the photos from my deck Living Color Tarot. They are glossy and lovely, but that also meant they were a little hard to photograph. At the end of the day, I’ve never been more proud of a project than I am of this one. It makes my heart so happy.

I’ve been expanding a little every day on my Etsy account LivingColorTarot. Both artwork from the deck as well as some new art I’m working on with my new tarot project. I’ve been going live giving free readings on TikTok as well as posting regular videos. Come join me on this crazy adventure in the TikTok world at LivingColorTarot.

My birthday is Sunday and it will be the second spent sands party. Which kinda blows chunks… but this is the life we live right now, and I will move on. So instead, for my birthday, I’d love if you would click my links, and share with a friend who might enjoy some of what I’ve created. Thanks for all the support! I appreciate each and every one of you!

Cheers! -M

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