Book Updates

Is it weird if I want to start this post with a screaming hello? I know I’ve been failing at writing here recently. I don’t even know when the last post was. It’s been a long minute though for sure. Life and time have a way of escaping me from time to time. It’s like I blink and the week went from Monday to Sunday and I’m not sure what happened. Does anyone else face this weird time shifting anomaly?

I wanted to take a minute and announce that I’m moving forward with publication on my first novel! I’ve been talking about it off and on for so many years it’s time that it moves from a digital space into a physical one. I’ll have a release date in the coming weeks, but the goal is to be out before the winter holidays. The title, ALL IS FAER IN LIFE AND WAR.

As soon as the cover is finalized, this will be the first place I release it. Do you want a little sneak peak synopsis?

What fun is time travel when there’s a shape shifting alien trying to kill you, your best friend is a ghost, and you can’t seem to escape even yourself for long? One man sees the future while another is trying to destroy it.

After a brush with death at the tender age of nine, Faer Michelson has an acute case of hyperthymesia, a near perfect autobiographical memory. Providing he follows his five self-imposed rules, his world stays content. The rules are enough to keep Faer safe into the year 1999. That is, until the day he remembers something that never happened: his own death in 1968. Will Faer break all of his rules to save himself and the world as he knows it?

Faer has the ability to save the world but first he must go back to 1968 and save himself. 

This whole processes is daunting at times, but I really am looking forward to holding a copy of my book in my hands. It’s an exciting thing.

The rest of life is still a jumble most days, not a bad jumble, just unsorted. Life isn’t always clean and pretty. Sometimes it’s hard, demands an uncomfortable amount of vulnerability, and leaves one wanting to sleep all day. But I refuse to sleep my days away. When things get hard, I try to focus, throw myself into one of many many projects, and remember I am the one thing in life I can control. So for now, while the rest of my life shuffles itself into place, I’m going to move forward and publish this book. I’d love to hear your feedback on title, synopsis, etc.

Have a lovely week!


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