On Poems

Last night, as I often do, I woke from a dead sleep with a poem in my head. Because I struggle with insomnia, I’ve spent years ignoring the musing that wake me up. I usually smile, and then roll back over, hoping that against all odds, come morning, I’ll still remember the lyrical ramblings of my brain.

In recent weeks I’ve started taking a sleeping aid prescribed by my doctor. It has been a godsend. Truly. I’ve been dreaming again, not to mention the most important thing, sleeping. So now when I wake up, it’s quite a bit more incoherent and I can fall right back asleep after I jot down what Hypnos whispered in my ear.

I wanted to share, as it’s been a minute since I’ve shared any poetry.

Between unspoken breathes
A heart beats truth
Lips won’t say
Fear not dear heart
You are not alone
Have courage
For the things that catch breath
Speak truths for you

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