On Bearing Soul

I’ve been writing poetry off and on my whole life. I’ve always enjoyed the way someone can bear a bit of their soul in just a few lines. A glimpse into their heart, mind, pain, sorrow, love. Over the years, I’ve often thought of publishing a poetry book, but I have never dared to bear my soul to the world in such ways. This blog is one of the ways I’ve tried to overcome that fear and found courage.

Owning utterly who I am and my feelings and thoughts along the way. I’m far from perfect, I’ve made all kinds of mistakes. I do my best to learn from them and just be the best version of myself I can be every day. I’ve been sharing some of my poems on TikTok and I wanted to share them here.

If you like them, give me a follow on TikTok. Perhaps in the coming months, there will be a book to follow.



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