Project Updates 3747

These days I’m juggling three-thousand projects and I’m loving every minute. I haven’t felt this full of life and creativity in years… maybe ever. That’s a scary thought for me. It’s an empowering thought but also to think perhaps I wasted time ::sigh:: But as someone told me recently, there’s no such thing as wasted time. I spent that time learning and growing and becoming a better version of myself. Having the experiences that brought me to this place.

Most of you know about A Tear In Time, which has been out in paperback and hardback for a few months now. This book has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me in a million ways. This was the first novel I ever wrote. This book taught me how to be a better writer, storyteller, and person. It pushed me in more ways than any person ever has. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process and I continue to do so every day. The audiobook is nearly done. There are but three short chapters left. I listened to part of it yesterday and it surprised me more than I expected it to. I did a thing on the clock app and I’ll link it below for you to see.

I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. It’s the closest thing to a song I’ll ever write. Sometimes I lack the words to express my emotions but once in a while, poetry captures those feelings for me. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that the last six months have been the hardest and also the most healing of my life. When I’m in those places, is when I write the most poetry. After looking internally, I know that I want to publish these thoughts. I want to put them into the world and trust the universe with my soul. With this piece of me that I’ve spent a lifetime hiding. I’m terrified and excited to say that In Orion’s Hands will be published on March 7th, 2022, for my birthday. The kindle is available for preorder now, and the paperback will be available on the 7th. I’m working with an audiobook narrator to produce this book for Audible as well!

As you probably know, I relaunched my Kickstarter for my tarot deck. I’m so happy to say that we’re 30% funded! Which feels so incredible. There are people in this world who enjoy my art enough, believe in my project enough, and they want to support that.

I have new projects in the wings both writing and some super new ideas that I can’t talk about yet. But trust me when I say, they are exciting. I’m in a place in my life, where I’m not afraid to tell the world about the things that excite me and who I am. Life is too short for me to be anyone but who I am. I’m so proud of the things I’ve created, and what they’ve become in my life. Who I’ve become through the creative process. More me than I’ve ever been. Stepping into who I am and what I want in this world. I feel really good about life right now. Better than I have, ever.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.


2 thoughts on “Project Updates 3747

  1. OMG, So much happiness and excitement for you! I love that you are blown away by your audio book narrator! And all your projects! All of them! That’s so awesome.
    I decided I need to bite the bullet and stop hating on Amazon and order your book. I think if I order your book, I can then leave a review, and possibly review other people’s books… so it’s a win, in the grand scheme of things– I get your book, I get to tell other people how amazing your book is!
    Let’s carve out some time to chat soon. I know you’re busy, but I want you to be just a smidge busier (hint-hint I want to still work with you).

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