I am over the moon and words are coming much slower than I care to admit (the irony never escapes me). My novel A Tear In Time is now available on Audible! This thing that I’ve spent months working with the incomparable Teddy Martin, bringing this book to life. He is a wizard and full of magic secrets. I’ve never quite found the words to describe what this audiobook means to me. So without trying, I’ll simply say, it’s the sun and the moon wrapped into one.

If you have a moment, I encourage you to check out this link, share it with a friend, and or scream it from a rooftop for the world to hear!

In other audiobook news, I signed a contract with Nicole Ricardo for my new poetry book In Orion’s Hands. The book is coming out in about a week and the audiobook will be about a week after that! Which is simply incredible. In two weeks time, I’ll have two fully published books as well as two audiobooks!

If you want my genuine reaction… we’ll I recorded it.

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