Book Updates!

Thrilled to announce that In Orion’s Hands is now available through Audible! This was one of the hardest books I’ve ever written. It’s raw and emotional and the most honest and vulnerable thing I’ve ever written. Having anyone read it was terrifying and now I’m asking the world to. The audiobook is available for $6 and the paperback is visual and completely different in a lovely way.

A Tear in Time is also doing well. Having people read it and share it and talk about it on different platforms has been incredible. The Audible is here, and the paperback is here. It had a little thread on credit for a minute and it’s creeping it’s way through the blogosphere.

I hope you’ll either of them a chance. I have a few free copies of each book and I’m happy to share if you’ll give me an honest review. Send me a PM!

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