Life Updates #122322

I’ve taken some time away from social media in its variety of forms. It didn’t start that way. When I looked up the last blog post I wrote and saw it was in May of 2022, I was a bit surprised. I have so much to catch up on, and so much I want to say. Life has been a rollercoaster and there have been so many changes. I want to share them all with you. Most of it won’t fit into this one blog, but I am committed to writing more regularly again, so prepare yourself for more coming down the pipeline.

I’ve spent a year and a half in weekly therapy sessions. I’ve faced my biggest demons, and while I want to tell you all about it, this isn’t the blog for that. Through this healing process, I learned more about self-worth and how I was settling for far less than I was worthy of repeatedly. I’ve been learning about holding boundaries with family and friends and how to move past my fears in life. Learning how to face the things that scare me head-on.

After making a promise to one of my close friends that I’d try online dating one last time, after another failed relationship, I met the love of my life. From day one, he was different and everything I wanted and needed in a partner. On December 23rd, my boyfriend, soulmate, and best friend proposed to me. I said yes. I’m an engaged woman, and I want to tell you all about him, take you along for the wedding plans, and share all the little details of falling in love.

I’ve changed jobs, moved, am nearly finished with edits on a new novel, have a new website for my art, and like a million other little things.

I do want to talk about the website for a moment. Etsy’s fees became a bit much, and so for months now, I’ve been wanting to move my store. I settled on Shopify and finally made the plunge. I have both my art in its many forms up on the website, but also signed copies of my novel and poetry book and both versions of my tarot deck. I’d love it if you could take a peek.

I’m ready to start blogging again, and I’m hoping you’ll still come along for the ride.

Happy New Year,



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