A Tear IN Time – Available Everywhere Books Are Sold

Big news!~!~!

“A Tear In Time” as well as my poetry book, “In Orion’s Hands” are and will be available everywhere books are sold!

In the past, they were only available at Amazon and Barns and Nobel, as well as through Audible.

As of this week, all of my books (and future novels) will be available everywhere books are sold. You can order them at your local library, and your small town book store can order them.

The poetry collection is available on all digital platforms currently and in two weeks, “A Tear In Time” will also find itself accessible across the board!

Both current and all future audiobooks are available everywhere audiobooks are sold. Spotify, Apple, Scribd, Overdrive and about 20 other places! I’m so excited!

This is huge news for Rainbow Quartz Publishing, which is the subject of my other big announcement. My fianc√© and I have a small publishing company. While I’ve been working to build this company for the last three years, through my own work, we are ready to take it to the next level.

I have a dream of helping people reach their potential, sharing amazing stories with the world, and writing for a living. We are one step closer to realizing this dream!

12 more days until my new novel, “From A Youth A Fountain Did Flow” is released! Preorders are available for the Kindle on Amazon now.


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